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Who we are.

The RAK Brand is more than a name; it’s a driving force within our organization. It is a force that commits us to the purpose of empowering individuals to make an impact where they are. With humble beginnings in Auburn, Alabama, RAK developed in order to meet the needs of a few, then a community, and then the world. That is the mindset that we take with us wherever we go to create a better way of living for all.

RAK Risk Management

RAK Risk Management has been partnering with companies around the globe to create a safer, more resilient world. Our team brings the knowledge and skill necessary to reduce injury and liability while increasing peace of mind and success. Our vision is to be the company that best produces continual, quality growth for all industries in today’s global markets. If you are ready to put our services to work, then let us know. The world is changing; trust in us to ensure that you’re planted on a RAK-solid foundation.


Industries We Service

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas









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